23 03, 2018

Warning! Major risks ahead

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You’re in business. Risks are all around you and many of them are capable of doing major harm to your business. Some could even destroy your business. This is a given. So how do you manage your risk exposures. For SME businesses this is a difficult, and often poorly managed, element of accountability. There [...]

16 03, 2018

Why are my margins all over the place?

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Okay, you get it. You need to achieve a targeted gross profit margin to ensure your business is financially successful and generates positive cash flows. And you agree that regular reporting is the key to you being able to manage this critical measure. This will enable you to respond quickly whenever these margins fall [...]

7 03, 2018

Turn the lights on with business analytics

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We live in the age of flat packed furniture, barbecues and other assorted household items. How do you think you would go putting one of these together in the dark? It would be near on impossible. We also live in an age where heart surgery and other complex surgeries are commonly performed. Would you [...]