25 03, 2020

Planning now to get your business through COVID-19: two questions

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While some businesses will prosper in unexpected ways as a result of the pandemic, others will need to plot their course very carefully to survive. Here are the two key questions for business owners and managers to address from a financial perspective in order to plan their way forward in uncharted territory. As we all try to come to terms with the sudden pandemic and what ‘lockdown’ means to us personally and financially, it is very clear that at least for the foreseeable future, life – both business and personal – will be very different.  How we emerge through [...]

14 03, 2020

More encompassing virtual CFO services with new ‘Executive’ package

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Some companies need more than the usual level of assistance from a virtual CFO. This is why The Virtual CFO Group Australia has developed a specialised service offering. Colin Wright explains the 'Executive Virtual CFO' package - what it means, and when it's most needed. Our virtual CFO offering continues to develop in response to client needs. We have recently introduced our Executive Virtual CFO package as a result of these requests. The Standard Virtual CFO offering is targeted as a support package where the virtual CFO provides the planning framework for business performance targets. Along with the forecasting, [...]

11 03, 2020

How a business can emerge as market leader following a crisis

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Lessons learned from the GFC... The severity of COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the economy and affected businesses on a massive scale. As the outbreak continues, business owners are counting their losses and wondering how they’re going to survive. The government has offered support measures and lifelines to assist businesses and their employees to endure periods of partial and perhaps total lock-down. For businesses forced to hibernate temporarily, it's time to plan and position for rapid recovery on the other side. Economists are forecasting tough times ahead, with most suggesting that a global economic recession is imminent. But while [...]