How does virtual support work?

The move to cloud based business management systems is enabling specialist service businesses to work seamlessly with multiple business clients. Spending time at the client business is still critically important. Every business is unique and success remains dependent on cultural fit. However, much of the work can be done from a remote location (3S office or contractor’s home base). This enables us to access the best talent for each business.

How will our services help your business?


An experienced financial controller will work with your business to provide the levels of analysis, reporting, and compliance to ensure your businesses successful.


Experienced financial managers are available to review your planning, reporting & analysis needs.​

SET-UP: 3S will set up your reporting and analysis programs using a range of templates, reporting formats and established models

​TRAINING: Reporting objectives and management needs are reviewed, processes established and training provided to the finance & accounting teams (in some cases this may be an accounts staff member with minimal formal training)

SUPPORT: The 3S team will be available on an at-call basis to support the finance & accounting teams and give certainty to the reporting outcomes


Support to plan and implement one off projects. Our experienced financial management staff will assist to ensure the project provides a positive outcome for the business. The business will not need to drag valuable staff away from important operational activities.