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11 03, 2020

How a business can emerge as market leader following a crisis

By |2020-03-31T07:44:12+10:0011 March 2020|

Lessons learned from the GFC... The severity of COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the economy and affected businesses on a massive scale. As the outbreak continues, business owners are counting their losses and wondering how they’re going to survive. The government has offered support measures and lifelines to assist businesses and their employees to endure periods of partial and perhaps total lock-down. For businesses forced to hibernate temporarily, it's time to plan and position for rapid recovery on the other side. Economists are forecasting tough times ahead, with most suggesting that a global economic recession is imminent. But while [...]

29 01, 2019

How expert financial reporting helped Detector Inspector grow quickly from micro to major-sized business

By |2020-04-04T00:04:06+10:0029 January 2019|

Jordan Kagan Gescheit and Jason Radolnik started a simple side-gig as university students. Now, with the help of a virtual CFO (Colin Wright), their side-gig is a multi-million dollar company expanding into other countries. Often the most successful business ideas are founded on the simple premise of identifying a need or gap in the market and developing a service offering that fills it. Detector Inspector have done just that and grown into a multi-million dollar business within about ten years. Rapid growth can be challenging for business owners and in 2014 directors Jordan Kagan Gescheit and Jason Radolnik engaged [...]

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