Performance Reporting

Do you have a Financial project we can help with?

We assist business owners to improve performance and give insights into achieving their financial objectives such as getting a business ready for sale, raising capital for growth expansion or improving cash flow.

We provide a no-obligation consultation to diagnose your business. Every diagnostic receives a full review report in the following areas:

  • Review accounting & policies & processes
  • Review financial controls
  • Review of the timing of recognition of revenues & expenses (matching principle)
  • Review of end of month processes
  • Review of gross profit structures & cost behaviours
  • Review of break-even elements
  • Assessment of profit drivers
  • Review of planning requirements
  • Review of finance department resources
  • Review of business information systems
  • Review of data management capabilities
  • Review of dynamics between finance and senior management
  • Review of reporting & analytics needs

Profit Diagnostic

“Develop a multi-faceted approach to improving profit outcomes”

  • Review gross profit structures
  • Review of break-even parameters
  • Review of product/service costs
  • Review of pricing strategies
  • Review of mix impact

    • Customer
    • Product
    • Territory
    • Channel

Cash Reserve Diagnostic

“Develop strategies to ensure your business is well capitalised so you can focus on maximising returns from your business opportunities”

  • Review of operating cashflows

  • Review of working capital needs

  • Review of fixed asset needs

  • Review of funding arrangements

  • Review of supplier strategies

  • Review of cash management practices (micro v macro)

Growth Ready Diagnostic

“Enable your business to remain in control of the performance and capacity outcomes as you operate through a high growth phase”

  • Review of reporting needs

  • Financial

  • Operations

  • Sales

  • Review of analytics needs

  • Review of planning processes

  • Review of capacity issues

  • Review of business management applications (software)

  • Review of resourcing issues

Finance Ready Diagnostic

“Enable your business to easily meet the requirements of banks and other finance organisations”

  • Review of financial controls

  • Review of balance sheet structure

  • Review of reporting formats

  • Review of forecasting processes

  • Review of borrowing capacity (meeting commitments)

  • Review of financing options

Sale Ready Diagnostic

“Enable your business to achieve a desirable selling price through auditable financials and supported 3-way forecasts”

  • Review of financial controls

  • Review of reporting formats

  • Review of process documentation requirements

  • Review of customer & supplier histories

  • Review of forecasting models

  • Review of critical resources

  • Review of audit readiness

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