Welcome to the Virtual CFO Group Australia

“leveraging your profitability and securing your financial position”

We assist business owners to improve performance and give insights into achieving their financial objectives such as getting a business ready for sale, raising capital for growth expansion or improving cash flow. We provide a no-obligation consultation to diagnose your business.

Diagnostic Products

To improve performance in crucial business areas, it all starts with diagnostics. We have five packages that will provide crystal-clear, meaningful insights that will enable you to dial-up performance outcomes and grow the business sustainably.

Profit Diagnostic

“Develop a multi-faceted approach to improving profit outcomes”

Profit Diagnostic

  • Review gross profit structures
  • Review of break-even parameters
  • Review of product/service costs
  • Review of pricing strategies
  • Review of mix impact

Cash Reserves Diagnostic

“Develop strategies to ensure your business is well capitalised so you can focus on maximising returns from your business opportunities”

Cash Reserves Diagnostic

  • Review of  operating cashflows
  • Review of working capital needs
  • Review of fixed asset needs
  • Review of funding arrangements
  • Review of supplier strategies
  • Review of cash management practices (micro v macro)

Growth Ready Diagnostic

“Enable your business to remain in control of the performance and capacity outcomes as you operate through a high growth phase”

Perfect Lines

  • Review of reporting needs
  • Review of analytic needs
  • Review of planning processes
  • Review of capacity issues
  • Review of business management applications (software)
  • Review of resourcing issues

Finance Ready Diagnostic

“Enable your business to easily meet the requirements of banks and other finance organisations”

Finance Ready Diagnostic

  • Review of financial controls
  • Review of balance sheet structure
  • Review of reporting formats
  • Review of forecasting processes
  • Review of borrowing capacity (meeting commitments)
  • Review of financing options

Sale Ready Diagnostic

“Enable your business to achieve a desirable selling price through auditable financials and supported 3-way forecasts”

Sale Ready Diagnostic

  • Review of financial controls
  • Review of reporting formats
  • Review of process documentation requirements
  • Review of customer and supplier histories
  • Review of forecasting models
  • Review of critical resources
  • Review of audit readiness

Expert Virtual CFO Services

A virtual CFO from the Virtual CFO Group will be a part of your team. Your virtual CFO will provide all the essential information needed to improve performance in key areas of your business.

Our experienced CFOs combined with the tools delivered by our data analytics team enable us to empower clients with a deeper understanding of how the business is performing.

For businesses with turnover from $0.5m to $150m

A dedicated CFO working remotely and/or on-site as needed

Online client portal delivering real-time business performance analytics

Cost-effective monthly plans for virtual CFOs, CFO consulting, and related services

Explore Our Services

We have built an excellent reputation taking care of a wide variety of tax and accounting needs for our valued clients. Check out our list of specialties and get in touch to find out why so many businesses and individuals rely on us to manage their finances.


  • Strategic settings and impact on the financial position
  • Reporting structures & design
  • Planning & review
  • Finance department strategies
  • Finance team development

Financial Controller

  • Management of the Integrity of accounts
  • Balance sheet reconciliations
  • Accounting policies &
  • procedures
  • Matching of income & expenditure
  • Period end adjustments
  • Financial reporting
  • Consolidated reports

Dashboards & Analytics

  • Key metrics & performance indicators
  • Automated sales & marketing reports & analytics
  • Automated operations reports & analytics
  • Financial reports & analytics
  • Cloud-based dashboards
  • Power BI
  • KlipFolio

3-way Forecasting

  • Forecasting operating performance
  • Forecasting balance sheet needs
  • Forecasting cash reserves

Treasury Management

  • Cash forecasting
  • FX exposure management
  • Finance facilities
  • Return on equity
  • Debt facility management
  • Dividend policies

Finance Control Hub

  • Data warehouse
  • Budgets & forecasts
  • Reports & analyses
  • Financial control
  • Strategies & projects

Project Assistance

  • Capex models
  • Acquisition models
  • Start-up businesses
  • Standard cost systems
  • Capacity planning
  • Work in Progress valuations
  • Pricing reviews
  • Incentive systems

Bookkeeping Support

  • Payroll
  • BAS lodgements
  • Control account reconciliations
  • AP/AR oversight
  • Transactional maintenance

Financial Analytics

The Virtual CFO Group Australia can provide clients with BI dashboards for instant financial analysis reporting and visualisation.

Our Core Values

Our values are important to ensure our clients can be confident that we can deliver positive outcomes and that they can trust in our services.

Detective Inspecor

“In 2017 we took on venture capital for our business. They would not have agreed to the deal without the detailed financial budgeting/forecasting reporting that we had at hand. The VC people commented that the level of reporting detail we had at hand was similar to that of much larger companies they worked with.”

“We would not have been able to expand as rapidly as we have without the information that their (the Virtual CFO Group Australia) management reports provide us. It helps us stay nimble as a business and make informed decisions quickly and with confidence. If you don’t understand your cash position at any given time you lack confidence in your decision-making, and a poor decision or poor timing can really hurt you.”

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