Targeted, fixed-cost diagnostics to help with specific problems and challenges in your business

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Goal: Improve Profitability

Wondering why there isn’t more profit, considering your business revenue? Simply order your Profit Diagnostic and develop a multi-faceted approach to improving your profit. Positively impact your bottom line with this targeted review and report by our experts:

  • Review gross profit structures

  • Review of break-even parameters

  • Review of product/service costs

  • Review of pricing strategies

  • Review of mix impact:


Power-up: Profit Diagnostic

Goal: Fortify Cash Provisions

Opportunities needing your full focus to maximise returns? Needing provisions for the journey ahead? Armed with your Cash Reserve Diagnostic, you can develop the strategies you’ll need to ensure your business is well capitalised. Our expert help includes:

  • Review of operating cashflows

  • Review of working capital needs

  • Review of fixed asset needs

  • Review of funding arrangements

  • Review of supplier strategies

  • Review of cash management practices (micro v macro)

Power-up: Cash Reserve Diagnostic

Goal: Manage High Growth

Gearing up for growth or managing your business through a high-growth phase? Your Growth-Ready Diagnostic enables you to remain in control of the performance and capacity outcomes and grow sustainably. Our comprehensive package includes:

  • Review of reporting needs


  • Review of analytic needs

  • Review of planning processes

  • Review of capacity issues

  • Review of business management applications (software)

  • Review of resourcing issues

Power-up: Growth-Ready Diagnostic

Goal: Borrow or Refinance

Needing to borrow, refinance, or obtain a line of credit? Choose our Finance-Ready Diagnostic for enabling your business to easily meet the requirements of banks and other lending institutions. You’ll get our help in these areas:

  • Review of financial controls

  • Review of balance sheet structure

  • Review of reporting formats

  • Review of forecasting processes

  • Review of borrowing capacity (meeting commitments)

  • Review of financing options

Power-up: Finance-Ready Diagnostic

Goal: Maximise Business Exit Value

Are you nearing the time to divest your business to reinvest or retire? Achieve a more desirable selling price through auditable financials and supported 3-way forecasts with your Exit-Ready Diagnostic. All the expert help you’ll need:

  • Review of financial controls

  • Review of reporting formats

  • Review of process documentation requirements

  • Review of customer and supplier histories

  • Review of forecasting models

  • Review of critical resources

  • Review of audit readiness

Power-up: Exit-Ready Diagnostic

…and every diagnostic client gets this valuable FREE bonus!

That’s right, every business ordering a diagnostic package from the Virtual CFO Group gets a BONUS full business review and report (RRP value from $5,000 but could be yours FREE) covering these vital areas:

  • Review accounting and policies and processes
  • Review financial controls
  • Review of the timing of recognition of revenues & expenses (matching principle)
  • Review of end of month processes
  • Review of gross profit structures & cost behaviours
  • Review of break-even elements
  • Assessment of profit drivers
  • Review of planning requirements
  • Review of finance department resources
  • Review of business information systems
  • Review of data management capabilities
  • Review of dynamics between finance and senior management
  • Review of reporting and analytics needs

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