On 2nd November 2015 Michael Stapleton and I caught up for a coffee to chat about our virtual CFO businesses. Five and a half months later and the Association of Virtual CFOs is launched.

That was five and half months of intense planning and working towards the goal of a working association. Initially it was an idea. Then we got David Boyar, Lachlan Campbell and Robin Snelling involved and it quickly turned to real action. Once the five of us got together and started discussing the idea, enthusiasm and excitement grew and we were confident the Association of Virtual CFOs was a must do pursuit.

Next step was to partner up with a PR company to develop a strategy for creating real awareness of the valuable services available through the virtual CFO industry and to educate our market on how this value applies to them. Simon Mossman of Mossman Media joined us shortly after. Simon immediately saw the potential of the emerging virtual CFO industry and how important it could be to the SME business sector. Simon has led our communications and awareness activities and is now invested in assisting us to achieve the Association’s goals.

I would like to thank this great team for the work they have done and look forward to our involvement in achieving real benefits for our members for years into the future.

Virtual CFOs – making a difference.